Jenya Shekhter

I am a scenographer.

Theater for me is the beginning of everything. Wherever I go, Theater finds me

and puts me back in its arms. Always. And I surrender without a fight.



I received  my degree from the  theater department  of Tel Aviv University.

Favorite state of mind - the process of working on the next performance.

Perhaps that’s why the set and costume designs  I create are never static. The set and the costume designs that I create are almost never static. They are full-fledged characters of the play. With their  own history, subtexts, internal monologues.




Today I live and work in Boston.

At the moment I am working collaborating  remotely on productions in Israel and running a kids theater club "Wandering lampshade" in Belmont.


In addition to theater, I am really passionate about photography

(I collect "moments" for my theatrical works and

I help children and teens to understand themselves better through their photos).

I take pictures anytime, anywhere, even when there is no camera at my  hands - I take pictures with my eyes and save the "photos" in my memory.



Vania. Version

Six Characters

Sailor's Silence

The View from the Bridge

Kid's performances

Dead Souls. Absurdrama

kids theater club "Wandering lampshade"

Together we are traveling to the world of theater, look into its most secret corners and explore its history and  genres.

And of course - we are doing acting exercises, studies, improvisations and shows.





...Pronounce 'leemon' (lemon) in Russian, you involuntarily pull a long face, but when you say 'apelsin' (orange) — you give a broad smile...

Vlsdimir Nabokov


The purpose of my photo sessions with kids and teens is to help them talk about what they really want, to wake and to stir them up. And I'm good at it! I am sincerely interested in them! In the process of our communication, children often, at my request, write something, read books, pick up a musical instrument. Never - for a pose! Always - really doing it! After photo session

parents write to me: unbelievable, but my  child started playing the guitar after a long break! Picked up drawing ! Learned to jump rope or solved the Rubik's cube. And this is understandable - to see yourself in a photo in a new perspective - this is exactly what helps to open up and can become a good start for something new! A kind of phototherapy, if you like!




For me, the most valuable insight of the "captured moments" is sincerity! When the emotions in the frame and behind the frame are the same. I often had to work with kids who, at the sight of a camera, "put on" a smile - due to a reflex. I am ready to talk with the kid as much as needed to "revive" him or her! Together we draw, jump, run, play, and only when he or she is really ready - I start to "catch the moments." Moments that will stay not only in photos, but also in their memory. It is fascinating  to meet these  children more than once - to watch them grow and change! So, many parents come  back after a year or couple of years.


I am a theater designer, so, my love of photography started with taking pictures of the performances that I designed. Since I’m very familiar with my performances, I know better than any other photographer what will be the most important moments to catch them, moments of the highest tension, motion, non static pictures. Gradually, this love grew into a separate hobby - and now I photograph not only my own performances, but also people Where something interesting happens - - I always take pictures! I am interested in any events and activities where there are processes, movement, development. I like to create a story that can be relived even after many years.

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